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Please observe the 20 MPH speed limit while driving in our community

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Scenic Hills Community Association


Just as the Association provides programs and a measure of safety for the residents, it also provides measures to help protect your pets.  With that in mind, the Pet Registry Program was initiated.  A pet registration form is now available to register residentsí pets; complete with a picture of the pet for ease of identification. 

Scenic Hillís By-Laws require that pets are on a leash anytime they are off your property; however, they do manage to get out from time to time.  One of our dedicated residents, Jule Gray, has put together two notebooks with all Pet Registration forms.  These notebooks, available at the Gate Guard House and in the Lodge office, can help residents and staff identify any pet found wandering the community and facilitate their safe return to their home. 

If you have a pet, please complete the Pet Registry form found at Community Forms and turn it in to the Lodge so that your pet can be identified and returned home to you.











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Scenic Hills - the first 10 years (l983 - l993)

(An exact reprint of an account sritten by former resident, Dick Reavis
circa 1993).  An enlightening and interesting account of the inception
and development of Scenic Hills during it's first ten years.

Click Here to read the account   

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For information or to place an article/item on this page, please contact
Jimmy Barfield through the Scenic Hills Lodge - 830-626-7548

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